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36MonthLoans?has created one of the safest online environments for the US residents that are in need of financing. Our website employs many different security measures to ensure that your personal information and your devices will always be safe.

BBB Seal, Norton and McAfee Security:

BBB Accreditation.
36MonthLoans™ has been a BBB accredited business since of 07.31.2013. Companies registered at the Better Business Bureau are commited to offer the best quality of service and can be seen as trustworthy businesses. Also not all companies are eligible for BBB accreditation.

The very mission of the BBB is to:

  • Create a community of trustworthy businesses;
  • Set standards for marketplace trust;
  • Support and encourage good business practices;
  • Denounce substandard marketplace behavior;
BBB Accredited websites are rated on a scale from A+ to F. The BBB rating a business receives depends on several factors such as: length of time a business has been operationg, volume of complaints, responses and resolutions to compalints, type of business and others.

You can learn more about what makes the BBB rating tick and you can also check our rating by clicking on the BBB seal on our homepage.

McAfee Security.
Websites that display the McAfee SECURE symbol like are certified through routine safety checks. These security checks help protect visitors from identiy theft, spyware, viruses and other types of online threats. With the help of McAfee, is scanned daily for over 55.000 vulnerabilities that can create risks for both us and you, the borrower.

To provide a great and consistent security service McAfee uses the following types of technology:

  • A wide network of scanners around North America and Asia that allows McAfee to perform scurity checks for thousands of customers;
  • An data base that is constantly being updated with the newest discoveries and online threat variations.
  • Information protection is secured in Tier One data centers with SAS-70 security certifications as well as 24/7 onsite guards and biometric access control.
You can learn more about the security provided by McAfee to by clicking on the seal on the homepage.

Norton Security.
A second line of defense is the Norton security powered by Symantec that provides many security features such as:

Data Encryption. The SGC or Server Gate Cryptography enables older browsers to benefit from the same level of encryption as newer browsers;

Malware Scanner. A great feature that helps our website stay healthy and free from malware. This way both our visitors and are free from threatening software like trojans, spyware and worms;

Full organization authentication. Our business and website is verified by Symantec in order to establish a trusted brand;

You can learn more about our BBB accreditation, Norton SSL security or McAfee Security by clicking on the respective seals on our home page. A secure website can easily be recognized by the "https" code at the beginning of the URL in the browser.
You can check our SSL certificate yourself by clicking on the safe and secured symbol in your browser near our URL.

Symantec Norton Secure website

Verified by Go Daddy:

One of the first lines of defense we have is the Go Daddy SSL Certificate. An SSL certificate is used on a website to keep both the visitors and the website safe by protecting the information that is used when filling out the application. Your information is secured through a series of encryptions. This means that your name, address, employment and bank details are encrypted to become safe from hacking.

An SSL certificate is basically an electronic passport that confirms the authenticity and credibility of the secured website. It also allows your browser to establish a secured and encrypted connection with 36MonthLoans?. A secure website can easily be recognized by the "https" code at the beginning of the URL in the browser. You can learn more about our SSL certificate by clicking on the safe and secured symbol shown in your browser, near the URL on our Homepage and Application page. We chose to display the Safety Lock icon on these pages alone because this is where Security is of utmost importance, due to the fact that the Application page is where our customers submit their personal information.

Goddady SSL Secure website

Data Collection and Responsible Lending:

Our website's security is also established by our own practices and policies. Our data collection policy is one of them. Some of the information we collect from our online application is used to help us improve our services. Not all information is collected however. We make sure our visitor's? bank account information is kept private.

This is why we do not collect this information, we merely use it on the spot to help you get your loan. As a company we also enforce Responsible Lending as one of our main practices. To learn more about our code of practice regarding responsible lending simply visit the Responsible Lending page on our website.

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